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Total Quality Assurance Program

We believe that our employee training, quality measurement, and recognition programs provide us with highly qualified, dedicated professional facility management team.


Star Facility Services prides itself on its reputation of consistently providing the highest level of quality services to its customers in the most responsive and cost effective manner. In developing this reputation, the Total Quality Assurance program has been solidly established those focuses on implementation, commitment and, above all, total customer satisfaction.

At Star Facility Services, we are committed to provide highest level of quality service. Our Total Quality Assurance program, is the foundation of our business and provides us the goal, to ensure we attain the highest level of service at all times.


Our Total Quality objectives allow us to provide quality support services that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. To maintain our standard of excellence, Star Facility Services focuses on the following objectives:

  • Constantly monitor, streamline and improve procedures to keep abreast of changing technology and the customer’s needs.

  • Maintain a good, solid proactive quality program to anticipate the customer’s expectations or changes in requirements.

  • Ensure that all employees and management teams are continuously aligned with the customer’s needs and objectives and the latest industry techniques by way of regular, on-going training programs.

  • Maintain an ongoing assessment program at the individual, team and management levels to ensure performance and procedures meet or exceed our Total Quality standards.

  • Solicit feedback from customers on a regular basis by way of survey forms, inspection reports, random telephone follow-up and meetings, to ensure our Total Quality standards continue to meet the customer’s expectations.

  • Maintain our long list of satisfied customers by measuring performance against our customer’s expectations, identifying areas that need improvement and by effectively and efficiently resolving issues to maintain our Total Quality standards.

  • Constantly re-evaluate and update our standard Inspection Programs to ensure our Total Quality standards are consistently implemented and utilized.


Quality assurance image with hi-res rendered artwork

Star Facility Services is proud of its high level of customer’s satisfaction and attributes this success to its mandate of consistently achieving continuous improvement by strict adherence to its goals and its Total Quality Assurance Program.

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