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Technology, Supplies & Equipments


At Star Facility Services we maintain a clean and safe premises.


Business, Office, Warehouse, and Hospitals and clinics are places for people to work and heal. The most successful facilities provide welcoming patient and employee environments and high standards of cleanliness. Incorporate best practices in health and safety and give an impression of good quality care with help from Star Facility Services.


We show our commitment to the clean spaces, by deploying state of art technology & equipment, we can:

– Increase the health, safety and comfort of your environment
– Improve air quality for staff, patients and families with dust control features
– Clean anywhere, any time with unobtrusive equipment performance
– Eliminate the use of floor cleaning chemicals and solutions with innovative, chemical-free ec-H2O technology

Star Facility Services only source high quality and advanced janitorial service equipment from reputable janitorial equipment manufacturers to its janitorial cleaning staff. All cleaning equipment used in facilities is in prime condition and inspected on a regular bass for any malfunctions.

Our skilled professionals use only the finest tools and materials to service your commercial, residential and industrial cleaning needs. Our staff at Star Facility Services has mastered professional facilities cleaning challenges by using high quality advanced ultrasonic cleaning equipment and we ensure clients that no matter how big or small your facility is, Star Facility Services has the cleaning and janitorial equipment to match your needs. Please note that the equipment used meets the highest standards and all safety inspections carried out by our Quality Control Management Team

Star Facility Services is continually adopting the latest technological advancements. We strive for ongoing improvements through the use of environmentally-friendly chemicals, enhanced vacuum filtration systems and the safest and most effective cleaning and janitorial equipment. Some of the cleaning and janitorial equipment used by our cleaning staff are pressure cleaning equipment, hydraulic cleaning equipment, cleaning and sorting equipment, power-flow cleaning equipment and other advance tools.

Star Facility Services only utilizes all environmentally friendly, Eco friendly and safe green organic janitorial services products. We adhere to products and cleaners that are made With natural ingredients Without dyes and or perfumes and are not tested on animals and above all are 100% biodegradable. The utilization of these


products will preserve the health ot yourself, your employees, your customers and your environment resulting in a proactive work atmosphere. Star Facility Services uses only the best industrial and commercial cleaning products.

Star Facility Services employees are fully trained in the use, application and disposal of all janitorial cleaning chemical products that are employed and also of those kept on clients’ premises. Star Facility Services has made it a golden standard that all cleaning chemicals & janitorial products used be labeled according to WHIMIS guidelines. All employees are instructed on adhering to these guidelines provided by WHMIS. All of the cleaning products that are used by Star Facility Services staff will always leave your facilities sparkling clean and fragrant. All of our cleaning products are derived from highly specialized suppliers who keep us informed on up to date and only the best products on the market.


Star Facility Services will supply all equipment, tools, green certified chemicals, garbage bags to perform the scope of work provided into service schedule.


The GreenClean items below contribute to LEED – EB O&M’s Purchase of Sustainable Products (1 point) and Sustainable Cleaning Equipment (1 point). We use products that will be certified by the appropriate green certification agency, such as Green Seal, USGBC LEED brands, green label by Carpet and Rug Institute, and the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for post-consumer recycled content.



Trashcan Liners Other

Tools and Equipment

All equipment will conform to HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter standards and vacuum will have the green label seal of approval by the Carpet and Rug Institute to certify the performance of the vacuums.


GreenClean Item – Star Facility Services uses high performance vacuums and dust collection filters


We Avoid – Reduces cleanup requirements and dust exposure for cleaning personnel and building occupants.Equipments-4 Specific equipment will be provided to your premises to ensure the most efficient and effective use possible. Star Facility Services use the equipment which have been designed to maximize efficiency.

Other Tools and Equipment


GreenClean Items: Star uses micro-fiber mops, dusting cloths, etc.

Avoiding: Less chemicals and water


Supplies: Star Facility Services has been committed to promoting a cleaner environment and ensures that all of our products meet or exceed existing standards. Your site specific Material Safety Data Sheet will be assigned for your building. It is Star Facility Services’ policy to stock each Facility in advance with the anticipated supply and requirements


GreenClean Items: Star Facility Services uses Green Seal products, specifically designed to be sustainable, Use of concentrated solutions Avoiding: Negative impacts on both human health and the environment, Cuts down on transportation, handling and storage costs

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